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Lussekatter for Lucia!

From where I come from, only women ghosts walk around in white clothes in the middle of the night with candles in their hands and the general recommendation if you see one, is to run for your life. But in Sweden they are actually meant to bring light to the people in the middle of dark winters and people gather to eat lussekatter together to celebrate them. What can I say, multicultural life is kind of hilarious and confusing all at the same time.

Anyway - Lucia week ahead so in preparation I pulled out my baking gear and baked some lussekatter last night. They are my most favorite of Swedish bakelse, and surprisingly - the first time I tried baking them was a smashing success. They were moist, fluffy and so very saffronfull. Ever since we moved back to the US though, it has been more of a challenge because it is tricky to find kasella (flavored quark) in New York which is a key ingredient when making lussekatter.

Over the years I have experimented with different versions of recipes. Yesterday's version came out quite well, so here is recipe (search lussekatter).

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