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Dr. Bombay's Underwater Tea Party, Atlanta

​It's a magical place. Dr. Bombay's Underwater Tea Party is a curious bookshop that specializes in tea, cakes and yes - SAMOSAS. The spacious yet warm, welcoming space is furnished with craftsman tables, and comfy couches. Curious decor all around, the theme is kind-of-underwater magic land. It is so well executed that you will often find yourself looking up and wondering who has conceived of this wonderful madness and how you can make them a part of your life. Plants potted in teapots, proclamations against racism and free wifi ("to brew scholars") included.

But it is not just about the decor. Kind wait staff, delicious cakes and pies (we tried the caramel pound and the butter pecan cake, and regret not trying the peach pie) and samosas - yes SAMOSAS! abound. They could not have picked a better snack to bring in their strange Indian connection. If you are not familiar with South Asian culture I should tell you that samosas are the flagship snack for lazy afternoons spent reading on a cool cement floor, or for those luxurious, runaway afternoons spent giggling with cousins and friends, with no worries in the horizon. I miss those times of my youth.

They also do proper sit down teas with crumpets, scones and sandwiches but for that - book ahead of time.

With a side of elderberry iced tea, this is the perfect place to grab hold of a book and wonder the afternoon away, and that is exactly what I did. If you are at all like me, it doesn't get better than this. Now I know which neighborhood I will look to live in Atlanta if I ever move there. Never stop doing you Dr. Bombay, you are such a treasure.

Not to be missed if you are ever in Atlanta. In fact, I think I might come back just for this gem.

Dr. Bombay's Underwater Tea Party

1645 Mclendon Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30307

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