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Taste Good Malaysian Cuisine, NY

It's so easy to tell when someone loves to eat. Especially authors; the affection with which they write about food is often even more personal than how they write about the characters in their books. I think it's one of the most endearing aspects about them. Many may disagree but I think some of Murakami's best work is him writing about his character cooking a pot of spaghetti at the end of the day, listening to his favorite jazz ensemble.

Any book by Kevin Kwan is enough to leave anyone craving Singaporean and I was no exception. Only weeks into finishing Rich People Problems and we made our way to Queens to find the best Hainanese Chicken Rice in NYC - and Taste Good Malaysian Cuisine did not disappoint.

Although a simple restaurant on a side street, TGMC packs a powerful punch. Food pics of each item on the menu (and there is about a 100 of them) is on the wall, so ordering is easy yet difficult, but of course the obvious choice first and foremost is Hainanese chicken with a side order of chicken rice. You cannot go wrong.

Additionally we tried the fragrant fried chicken (lemongrass, kari leaves and such a satisfying crunch...) and the Singaporean Laksa. All on point AF. Cant't wait to bring my favorite people here when they come and visit!

Taste Good Malaysian Cuisine

82-18 45th Ave

Elmhurst, NY - 11373

4 mins walk from the Elmhurst stop (R or M)

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